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6.12.11 "Let us Reminisce on Times of Old "

Rosehaven Rosehaven 1706 posts

So many today insist on living in the ‘NOW’ ……………well call me a doddery old woman ,but I happen to love yesterday and all of the rich glorious visions that are created from history ! I have been wanting to create a Permanent Feature Gallery around images from yester year ,( well todays images of what was created prior to ‘NOW’ ), however when Polly Wally Doodle all the Day came along with her inspiring title it was just enough to kick start me into action !!! As you can see by the number of images I have hung on the walls of our Special Room , this sure is a real pleasure and joy for me to have the honor of collating these ,LOL! Thank you all so much & an incredible special “Thank you dear Polly for the Title of this Permanent Feature Gallery ! "

Thanks Guys! No doubt about it ,YOU ARE THE BEST OF THE BEST !

FYI: All images are chosen for their image quality…not by Artist names. Artists may receive more than one feature at a time, if their image meets the theme & judging requirements.
Warmest wishes to you all !

A Little PS
For those of you whom would love to have an 800×800 Feature of your image ……….
These are the things to look for & NOT HAVE
1) Crooked Horizon or subject
2) Name across the center of your image
3) Over Saturated Image
4) Noisy Image ( one which has pixilation in excess)
5) I adore Bokeh but NOT 99.9% out of focus macro
6) High Key getting to HOT SPOT images
7) BUSY images (I like to see a focal point )
8) Borders or frames unless within a textured context (That is part of a nicely blended texture )
Other aspects
I also am very aware of those members whom take the time to congratulate and encourage other featured members of our Group,I APPLAUD YOU , you are the members that make this group SING BEAUTIFULLY & there are many of you , I adore you all !!! I am well aware so many of us have extremely busy lives ,however when viewing the feature page it takes half a minute to leave a CONGRATULATIONS All on the bottom of the feature page , I know a number of our members actually personally congratulate every featured Artist , but that is a huge commitment to do that .
I dislike Takers (People whom are very happy to accept all comments and accolades without giving anything back) I am a Giver and I very much like to mix with people whom are of similar ilk as myself … a Host of this very large Group , a Group that I am extremely proud of …….I am searching through some 2500- 3000 images constantly ……….I have come to know you all personally through your work and ways ……….I hope that you have all also come to know me a little better through these Feature Galleries in our Special Room …….I always like to encourage WIN WIN situations …………………………..

and for those special Angels that write me messages of encouragement here , you are so appreciated and thanked
Bless your Beautiful Hearts & a big Thank you from mine

MaluMoraza MaluMoraza 78 posts

Congratulations to all the winners. You are al inspirations!!!

© Kira Bodensted © Kira Bodensted 3982 posts

I will be the first “Giver” and sound a huge Congratulations to all featured here today.
This theme is right up my alley and I have featured some of these beauties in my group.
Thank you Lynne for putting up such a fabulous Tapestry of Yesteryears. I love them all.
Thank you also for featuring no less than FOUR of mine. I’m wearing a smile that wont come off.

snapitnc snapitnc 678 posts

fantastic images yet again lynne,congrats to all featured artists,cheers mike

Tarrby Tarrby 1243 posts

Lynne, this is a huge gallery, just HOW BIG is that Special Room of yours? Seriously, it must have taken you hours to put this together and what a feast for the eyes it is. Congratulations to all the artists featured and many thanks for including me, Brian

Clive S Clive S 902 posts

You have done it again Lynne. A lovely selection of featured images. Congratulations to everyone and thank you for including Agra Sunrise amongst them.

Werner Padarin Werner Padarin 825 posts

feel extremely honoured to have my Rose Window and Port Arthur Historic Site included in this remarkable collection of lovely oldies – hearty congrats to all their creators & thankyou Lynne

Mark Hughes Mark Hughes 973 posts

Fantastic work, well done to all.

polly470 polly470 1156 posts

WHOO HOOOO!!! I am blushing with pride that you liked my title and picture enough to inspire this collection!! And it must have taken AGES!!! As Brian said…just HOW big is this room of yours lol!!! It is now going to take me at least two cups of tea to ‘visit’ everyone on here the works are so amazing! …you don’t make a girls life easy Lynne lol!!
Huge hugs,

vaggypar vaggypar 13907 posts

Thanks for featuring two of my photos.! It really is a great honour.! You are an excellent and fair host and your choices very often, leave me breathless and speechless, as the photography quality is really exceptional.!! Another fantastic set of Artistic work.!!
My most sincere congrats to all the friends who have been featured today.! You are all…Outstanding !

Chris Armytage™ Chris Armytage™ 1396 posts

Oh Lynne, I’m so so delighted that you have featured Polly’s wonderful “Pensive Stork” as your first image in this FABULOUS collection – when I first saw it, it sent shivers up my spine, it’s just so so perfect! Thank you also for featuring TWO of my works, I’m so so thrilled when I see the HQI Banner appear on my images.
HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to all these wonderful featured artists :))xx

Jay Taylor Jay Taylor 255 posts

Thank you for featuring ‘Scuba Do’ – and what a fanTAStic collection you’ve curated here: bravo!!!!

ragman ragman 215 posts

Congrats to all artists featured in this lovely collection of memorable images

Lancsphoto Lancsphoto 207 posts

Congratulation to all the featured Artists. A really beautiful collection!

pattimae2706 pattimae2706 111 posts

Such an awesome collection! Thank you for including one of mine.

Yannik Hay Yannik Hay 2046 posts

What a special page of features. Congratulations to everyone. And I am very honoured to be featured in this page as well.
I love the feel of old, the colours, light and texture.
There is so much talent here.
Take care :)

Indrani Ghose Indrani Ghose 104 posts

Great selection.
A honor to be a part of this group… thanks you so much! :)

vbk70 vbk70 901 posts

Lynne, this is another great selection of yours, thank you very much :) Many congratulations to all featured artists and their amazing work. It is always a joy to look at all the captures. Have a great Sunday, Katrin

enchantedImages enchantedImages 437 posts

I always enjoy seeing your features, Lynne. They are so well put together and from such talented artists.
Congrats everyone!! :- )
~ Bobbi

Monica M. Scanlan Monica M. Scanlan 1322 posts

Woweeee, what awesome features and I am honored and thrilled to be among these other wonderful artists!!!!! Thank you for all the work you put into the group!!! You are awesome!!!

Many congratulations to all who had work featured!!!!

George Cousins George Cousins 48 posts

I always consider it an honor to get a Feature, no matter in what Group. But to be included in this amazing Gallery is more than an Honor. I see some folks I know, many I don’t, but the quality of work is outstanding. Most of all, thanks to YOU for the time (a LOT of time) that you put into this gallery. I know I congratulate all the artists who share it, and we all thank you for caring so much about US!

Kay Kempton Raade Kay Kempton Raade 641 posts

An AMAZINGLY beautiful group!! Thanks for putting them together in a gallery. It’s a pleasure to visit with a cup of tea and time to spend.

Chris Lord Chris Lord 672 posts

Great collection Lynne, fabulous job! Congrats to all the artists featured here. You guys EXCELL!

buttonpresser buttonpresser 1464 posts

Thanks for including me in this great line up Lynne.

Congrats to everyone.


Christopher Herrfurth Christopher He... 38 posts

Thank you for including my photo in this collection! Nice work and congratulations to all!