Photo Enhancement and Photo Manipulations in Gallery quality only

6.9.11 " Forever Searching for the Light ........"

Rosehaven Rosehaven 1748 posts

As photographers ,without the light we are doomed ……………………… to my way of thinking these wondrous captures show us all how to make the very best of the available light when capturing our subjects . PLEASE JOIN WITH ME in CONGRATULATING the MAGNIFICENT ARTISTS whom have produced these marvelous works & once again I thank you all for submitting your work to HIGH QUALITY IMAGES ,so that I may hang them, with pride , upon the walls of our special room ……………

FYI: All images are chosen for their image quality…not by Artist names. Artists may receive more than one feature at a time, if their image meets the theme & judging requirements.
Warmest wishes to you all !

shotomanrob shotomanrob 94 posts

WOW.. These are nothing short of inspirational.. Absolutely fantastic works and congratulations to everyone.. Very well deserved features :)

clydeessex clydeessex 42 posts

Wow amazing colour and variety well done all!

KathyClark KathyClark 196 posts

Again you have created a haven of delight. What wonderful image full of light and reflection. Thanks for including my trash. Congrats to all the featured artists.

Lynda Heins Lynda Heins 151 posts

Once again Lynne, a simply awesome display of work and talent…….a thrill and an honor to be among them! Congratulations to all!:-))

ctheworld ctheworld 6628 posts


Jack McCabe Jack McCabe 438 posts

Amazing works!
And a LOT Of effort putting that display up too!

Congrats all!

newcastlepablo newcastlepablo 16 posts

very nice work congratulations to all.

AuntDot AuntDot 5551 posts

Another splendid collection, Lynne! Congratulations to all!

virginian virginian 14183 posts

Congratulations to all.

Ladymoose Ladymoose 1041 posts


FacetEyePhoto FacetEyePhoto 416 posts

Beautiful! Congrats all.

Ray Clarke Ray Clarke 1036 posts

Well done to everyone featured today

snapitnc snapitnc 678 posts

another set of stunning images lynne ,thank you so much for featuring one of mine amongst them,congrats to all featured artists

paolo1955 paolo1955 3961 posts

Absolutely fantastic works and congratulations to everyone.

John Poon John Poon 716 posts

What a stunning spread!
Congrats to everyone!
Thank you Lynne for your devotion to the group!

Mark Hughes Mark Hughes 985 posts

Well done to all artists.

Carol Knudsen Carol Knudsen 289 posts

Wow Lynne! I have enjoyed every second of my walk around this very special room……
Congratulations yo each and evey featured artist!!!!

Clare Colins Clare Colins 672 posts

Magnificent work. Congratulations to all,

vigor vigor 8197 posts

These choices never cease to amaze me and I’m even more amazed that I am among them. Thanks Lynne and congrats to all the artists for their wonderful works!

Chris Armytage™ Chris Armytage™ 1357 posts

Oh Lynne, what a magnificent feature gallery, one of the best I’ve seen on RB! And I am so absolutely thrilled that you have included THREE of my images in this, my first feature in this wonderful group :)))) THANK YOU SO MUCH, and CONGRATULATIONS to all these amazing FEATURED ARTISTS!

Elizabeth Kendall Elizabeth Kendall 2186 posts


John Morton John Morton 61 posts

What a beautiful body of work, huge congratulations to all featured artists.

sundawg7 sundawg7 835 posts

Lynne, I always feel so priveledged when you include me among such talented artists with their masterpieces in your exceptional selections. Thank you so much again and sincerest congratulations to you gifted featured artists.

Tarrby Tarrby 1140 posts

Lynne, I love this “Special Room” you have created to hang all this lovely work, it is a place to sit and marvel at the creative talent we have in this group, Congratulations to you and all the featured artists you have chosen to adorn the walls, Brian