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Rosehaven Rosehaven 1661 posts

PAT GAMWELL !! Today I ask you ALL to join with me in thanking Pat for being the most wonderful HOST of High Quality Images
TODAY we are celebrating Pat’s Artwork ,Talent & Expertize , how many images from members of this group has she featured & moderated ?
TODAY it is our turn to return that dedication , love, patience & loyalty to a woman whom has given this group her all !
I ask you to CHARGE YOUR GLASSES & Toast Pat for the tremendous effort she has put into the members of HIGH QUALITY IMAGES …………HERE’s to YOU PAT !


For ever crossing the Bridge of friendship ,Pat has been the most incredible Host of High Quality Images.During this time she has spent hour upon hour ,day upon day joyously exhibiting the works of members for this group , she has worked tirelessly until , sadly ,Pat became unwell.
Now ,because of so many groups under her care and guidance ,Pat has decided to hand over this group to relieve her of some pressure . High Quality Images is a big group , we have some 3000 members and a large number of works passing through daily ……..until now Pat ,Bless her Darling Heart ,has managed to run everything , keep members happy & inspire ,guide ,and encourage us all…………..
Today I am honored to be able to present and feature a number of Pats glorious works ,I want you all to applaud the talent of this precious ,warm bubbly vibrant woman …………a woman I know you will all miss hosting this group for she brings a vibrancy unique to her …………but a woman that I know we all hold in the HIGHEST REGARD & VERY CLOSE to our HEARTS .So I ask you all to join me in a huge round of APPLAUSE
THANK YOU FROM OUR HEARTS DEAR PAT !!!! Please feel free to add any image of Pats to this TRIBUTE FOR THE LOVE of PAT
The first image I have chosen ,for me ,is very symbolic …………….Pat will cross any Bridge for Love and Friendship ,she is so caring ,loving & kind

The second of Pat’s images she has called “Patience”, I chose this for I believe this quality Pat has in abundance

I Chose “Night Lights” for two reasons the first being that Pat always keeps her Lamp High & Alight to guide the way for us all , the second ……?
Well Pat burns the midnight oil to keep us all happy doing features and moderating our work ,LOL! “Backyard Gold”, I chose because Pat is worth her weight in gold ,truly she is !

I chose the “Bodie Bar” Because Pat’s blood is worth bottling ,she is such a treasure & “A New Day Dawning” for the simple reason Pat is the sunshine in so many RedBubblers daily lives !

Sadie ,Sadie Flying Lady was chosen for the simple reason she is so completely joyous ,fun & a true ARTIST …………just like Pat is !

& "It’s the Holidays so Pig Out " because I LOVE IT SO DARNED MUCH !

Well EVERYDAY is Christmas with Pat ………..RIGHT?

& I just couldn’t leave this out ,after all ,for redbubble ,Pat always does the “Daily Grind”

May a glorious Chariot always be waiting to carry you where ever you choose dear Pat !

Or even better may one of these golden pumpkins turn into your very own coach !!
Thank you from me for helping me so much Pat and for all of your loving kindness , I am sure the rest of the members of High Quality Images would now like to put their hands together and SALUTE you ……………
Please feel free to leave Pat your comments here and I am sure she would be delighted for you to also post your favorite image of hers within your comments ………….
Our Love ,thanks & appreciation are yours Pat
Hugs ,
Lynne xxxxx

© Kira Bodensted © Kira Bodensted 4078 posts

What can I say that hasn’t already been said so well.
THANK YOU Pat for being such a GREAT FRIEND and BEST BUDDY.
LOVE YOU♥ xoxoxoxo

Berns Berns 3044 posts

All your work is MAGICAL Pat, you have been a wonderful inspiration and a beautiful person, I LOVE you to bits!

Neophytos Neophytos 53 posts

May you path be always a happy one !!!! Cheers !! Neo .

pat gamwell pat gamwell 2568 posts

OMGoodnessssss! I’m totally blown away…..what a MAGICAL & WONDROUS SURPRISE, my dear Lynne!!!!
THANK YOU just can’t convey the joy and warm-fuzzies it creates in my soul…I KNOW how much work this was for you!!!
This loving gesture will forever be remembered, cherished and held deep in my soul.
You are doing a splendid job as Host for this MARVELOUS group. I didn’t want to turn over my “children” to someone
who didn’t love & appreciate them as much as I do……but I see all things worked out well. You will take GOOD care of them for me!

KIRA: THANK YOU for always being there for me and assisting in soooooo many ways! I know I can always count on you as a
TRUE friend! Luvin’ you bunches!

BERNS: THANK YOU for always presenting exciting & magnificent work…you inspire me daily, to step “out of the box” and attempt new things! Some don’t turn out very well, but I keep using your work as an example and keep on trying….lolol:) Love you too, my friend.

pat gamwell pat gamwell 2568 posts

Neophytos….how nice hearing from you! Thank you for joining in our celebration!

Iris MacKenzie Iris MacKenzie 649 posts

i know pat is a gem of a person, without having met her!!! a lovely person in every sense of the word. and now i see pat is an artist, through and through!!!

thank you!!!!

wishing you all the best, pat!!!

riata66 riata66 193 posts

Congrats Pat and thank you for all you do….

photosbytony photosbytony 565 posts

I wish pat had more street or people shots although I love her other work the few people shots she has are very special!

For the best host on RB, tireless, committed to the members, wonderful taste and just good people! tony

Valerie Rosen Valerie Rosen 2040 posts

What a worthy feature!!! Beautiful work!! Have tremendously enjoyed all of your hosting, Pat! Thank you, val :-))

vaggypar vaggypar 13859 posts

You are an adoring and adorable person and host and …an absolutely outstanding photographer..!!
I will always hold you dear to my heart and in my thoughts.! You are a lady and an outstanding Human Being!! What a unique combination……!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lots of love,

David Schroeder David Schroeder 92 posts

Thank you Pat and well done. Dave ;-)

AuntDot AuntDot 5481 posts

Pat, you are THE BEST! I wish you well always. Keep up the inspiring artwork!
Lynne, this is a very lovely tribute you have put together!

Kay Kempton Raade Kay Kempton Raade 640 posts

Thanks Lynne for saying what we feel for Pat. Love you, Pat!!

Lois  Bryan Lois Bryan 580 posts

Pat is the greatest lady on earth!!!!! She gives and gives .. always joyful .. always so hard working for all of us!!! i ADORE Pat … but she already knows that!!!! Her artwork is magic and unique and beautiful!!!!!!!! I see so many of my favorites posted here by our Lynne, but I think my personal favorite is “Painted Ladies” …

Congratulations, Pat, on this well deserved and beautiful honor!!!!! You are so loved!!!!! Tossing you the red shoes … it’s Happy Dancing time, hon!!!!!

Jack McCabe Jack McCabe 437 posts

Congrats Pat!
Wonderful work indeed :)

vigor vigor 10130 posts

I want to join in by saying your rock Pat! I have been so blown away that you chose my work so many times to be featured on a permanent home page. You deserve all the very best for your labor of love! May God bless you richly!

Mary Ann Reilly Mary Ann Reilly 60 posts

Beautiful work. Congrats, Pat!!

Emilie Trammell Emilie Trammell 335 posts

Such GORGEOUS work, Pat! Thank you for all you do for High Quality Images, we love you!!

peter holme III peter holme III 783 posts

pat, my friend, you are a shining star of the redbubble hosts……..you have been so fabulous in making me think my work might be worth something…
thank you for all your hard work !!

( i was so sad when you were ill and i’m so happy you are back !)take care and don’t work too hard !regards and my respect to you, peterps. and your work sure looks lovely in this display !
JohnDSmith JohnDSmith 1818 posts

Hi Pat,
A toast to one of the best artist of RB,..always enjoy looking at your art work,..But that`s not the best thing about you,…Your truly are the best host here at RB,…
To be the best host you have to be a awesome person to start with..
I was sadden to hear you were to step down as host of High Quality Images.
I do understand though,…
I always enjoy looking at your art work,..Your very talented!
Wishing you the best in the future,..You have given me lots of joy by featuring my art work,…I thank you!
My God Bless You
Your Friend

Clare Colins Clare Colins 707 posts

Congratulations Pat. Your work ads a RB host is much appreciated and your artwork is sensational.

Love and best wishes,

Mieke Boynton Mieke Boynton 2526 posts

Congratulations, Pat! Your Artwork is marvellous, and the dedication you show to your role as host has been faultless. Besides, you are clearly a warm-hearted, generous, thoughful, talented and enthusiastic lover-of-life! Bravo!!!!

Terence Russell Terence Russell 271 posts

Pat, I have always felt you were a very special person. It is nice to see so many others share the same opinion. You deserve this special recognition!

Cat2be Cat2be 4527 posts

Congratulations Pat!! YOu have wonderful work and do so much here on RB.