Photo Enhancement and Photo Manipulations in Gallery quality only


pat gamwell pat gamwell 2610 posts


Only the most OUTSTANDING of the day’s total entries are awarded Feature status and
Honorable Mention banners.
In fairness to all members…All entries are totally removed each day…no carry overs.
Features limited to ONE per Artist per day.

PLEASE re-enter any Non-Featured image that you believe meets the 5C’s Criteria:

  1. CLARITY: Entire image is crisp & sharp
    (macro’s must be sharp at the focal point)
  2. COMPOSITION: Balanced, no white/black “blow-outs”
  3. CREATIVE: Viewer appeal, interesting and/or unusual subject matter
  4. COLOR: Normal to moderate digital enhancements are encouraged
    for image improvement. NOT OVER OR UNDER PROCESSED, PLEASE.
  5. CROP/CLONE: Removal of unnecessary distractions that do not
    influence the main subject

BEST of each category: (TOTAL ENTRIES: 345)

  3. MACRO

FLOWERS: Lynne Morris; Ray Clarke: Lucinda Walter

PEOPLE: HelenPadarin; Vince Russell; clomani

ANIMALS: Teresa Burnett; Loreto Bautista Jr.; Sally Green

MACRO: Anne McKinnell; shaneran; Ingz

LANDSCAPES: Bob Larson; Polly x; Shelley Warbrooke

ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN: Frank Waechter; paolo1955; Evelina Kremsdorf

BLACK/WHITE: DaveBowman; Peter Hill; PPPhotoArt

RUST-GRUNGE-DECAY: DebraLee Wiseberg; Marie Van Schie; Buckwhite


RE-CAP: Our group name, format and guidelines have been revised.
Didn’t read the original Group Message? Read it but don’t remember?* HERE IT IS


Ell-on-Wheels Ell-on-Wheels 2028 posts

Awsome images, Pat!! Really enjoying the new format!! :-D

Congrats to all the featured and honourable mention images too! :-)


pat gamwell pat gamwell 2610 posts

THANK YOU ALL for the encouragement & support! Love you all!

LouJay LouJay 670 posts

Wonderful collection of work, so well laid out here!

Ray Clarke Ray Clarke 1034 posts

Thanks for featuring my work and congratulation to all the other Artist

ctheworld ctheworld 6611 posts

I absolutely LOVE this!!! Great way of doing things, Pat!!! Very clever format!

Marjolein Katsma Marjolein Katsma 1702 posts

All awesome images (including the ‘runners up’) – congratulations all!

That said, I’m going to leave this group.
Two reasons: 1) “Entire image is crisp & sharp” may be something you’re looking for, but for me it has nothing to do with “High quality images” – some of the absolutely best images (even world-famous) out there either have deliberate blur (foreground or background), or are even totally blurred. 2) The lack of a theme for featuring spoils it for me – for me, a theme adds an extra dimension to the photographs seen in a collection of that theme (something maybe not obvious when the image is seen by itself, or in teh midst of unrelated photographs); it was one of the major attractions of this group as it was before.

Thanks for a nice and stimulating time when this was still ‘Complex simplicity’! And good luck with the ‘new’ group!

paolo1955 paolo1955 3961 posts

Thanks for featuring my work and congratulation to all

Yannik Hay Yannik Hay 1495 posts

Very well done, Pat and congratulations to the artists with those beautiful works. Have a great day!

Lucinda Walter Lucinda Walter 9623 posts

Pat you always to an outstanding job! Wonderful selection and congratulations to all artists!
Thank you very much for the feature of my photo Copper in this selection.

Valerie Rosen Valerie Rosen 2034 posts

wow! gorgeous work! massive congrats to all featured artists! cheers, val :-)

Valerie Rosen Valerie Rosen 2034 posts

wow! gorgeous work! massive congrats to all featured artists! cheers, val :-)

pat gamwell pat gamwell 2610 posts

Once again, I appreciate your straight forward thoughts & concerns.
The work done in both groups is a very timely process because I enjoy going above & beyond regular Host duties…not only for my personal pleasure, but because I know how pleased the members are! The decision came to re-format and cut back on my time involvement in both groups or leave the groups as Host.
I’m giving this new concept a try and if it is not satisfactory & fun for the MAJORITY of the group….I will give the Host responsibility to someone else.
Sorry to see you leave…you are a valued member and your work is superb! (#1 Artists of RedBubble is still using the “theme” process if you choose to be active there.)

PPPhotoArt PPPhotoArt 53 posts

wow thank you so much for the feature and being among such wonderful artists, that is so awesome thanks again Pat!!!!