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pat gamwell pat gamwell 2568 posts


Well, Ladies & Gentlemen….you have the distinct honor of being the last group of Features to bear the name of

As soon as these Features are posted….everything changes!………NEW NAME, NEW FORMAT, NEW GUIDELINES!
Be sure to read the upcoming Group Message where all will be explained in detail!

THANK YOU ALL for sharing these terrific images!


Marjolein Katsma Marjolein Katsma 1599 posts

All that clicking on metal will ‘clunk’! :-D Wonderful selection, Pat!

And I’m so happy to be included in this with my own bit of shiny “heavy metal” :

Trap door hinge

Trap door hinge

Maybe the hinge is a bit symbolic here? What ‘new’ group is at the other side of that trap door? ;)

Thanks again, Pat!

Jan Stead JEMproductions Jan Stead JEMp... 56 posts

I also add my well wishes and thanks for all your hard work for US! All the hard work hosts put into running and maintaining groups is phenomenal and we are all the richer for your amazing efforts.
But to take that even further by changing, re-jigging, rearranging and fine tuning a group…well that is well above and beyond the call of voluntary duty!!!
Can’t wait to see, explore and take part in the new, revamped group.

So, like Marjolein, I am utterly delighted to have my work included among the final features of the ‘old’ group!

Cheers and good luck


Cat2be Cat2be 4527 posts

Oh Pat you are so kind :-))) Thank you so much for featuring Red Bucket. I am over the moon.

Marjolein Katsma Marjolein Katsma 1599 posts

That red bucket is one that keeps fascinating me, Kimba! It seems to fit right in with my growing (still unpublished) collection of fire fighting equipment (or “equipment” in some cases)…

ginabgood1 ginabgood1 1020 posts

I am so honored Pat to be included in this group – congrats to everyone!

iamelmana iamelmana 224 posts

I’m honoured to be part of this selection. A much humble and appreciative thank you to the hosts. Good luck with your new venture !!

funkybunch funkybunch 10 posts

thank you Pat very much appriciated

DExPIX DExPIX 18 posts

Thank you for featuring my Victorian Saucepan. And thanks for all your hard work – can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeve!