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Colours Outside the Lines

This group requires a hosting team. If you are interested in hosting this group, you can find out more here : http://support.redbubble.com/kb/advanced/applying-to-host-a-group

As you can see...

Sanne Thijs Sanne Thijs 935 posts

… This group has been very very quiet lately. It is just that i can’t keep this group going anymore. so i decided to quiet as moderater.
I just need all the time i can get to put in my illustrations because i am trying to become a proffesional when i am studying at the same time. You can imagine that it takes a lot of time and work. But i love it!

So, this is the last groupmessage from me. I hope you enjoyed the time we had.
If there are other people who think they can and want to take care of this group, let me know in a bubblemail.

See you on redbubble.

greetings Sanne

Laura J. Holman Laura J. Holman 413 posts

Hi Sanne! I’m now seeing this after all this time. Seems like a lot of groups are going to the way side on RB. You are far from being the only one.
Not sure what is happening lately, and it appears that so many don’t follow group rules which leaves many hosts frustrated. Not to mention how much time all of the hosts put into the groups without pay. I have loved this group and thank you SO much for your time and efforts. I wish you all the best here on RB and with everything you venture into with your art. I will copy this to a bubble mail to you in case you don’t see this.

Warmest wishes,