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Tip Top game

Sanne Thijs Sanne Thijs 935 posts

This is a very simple game,
You just have to try and typ your name in the way the person before you told you.
To start i will typ my name just in the way everyone would do. with my fingertips.

Sanne Thijs

But the next person has to do it with their Chin.
Have fun!!

Lisadee Lisa Defazio Lisadee Lisa D... 21 posts

thanks so much! liosaz


ok next one with elbow!

Laura Ewing Ferrer Laura Ewing Fe... 2 posts

lashujhrfta…(laura) Ok that was def. harder! I started ok but then lost my elbow in a sea of buttons…next has to try with their nose…

Sanne Thijs Sanne Thijs 935 posts

ok, i will try a hard one 2,

sanne thijs

capitals are immposible this way
but it went very well :D
the next has to use his lips.