*COLORED PENCIL ART*** MUST LIST PENCIL medium!!! 1 per day...(Default *Image Only* size, rejected otherwise)

- A group for COLOR drawings in colored pencil NO Conti Pastels or B W Charcoal..NO DIGITAL WORKS or DIGITAL RETOUCHES, like backgrounds,....please list your medium in description. IMAGE ONLY size is all I allow for moderation. Anything else and it will

One day Later...but here are the Features April 17!!

tere5 tere5 520 posts

Hi to all the members !

Excuse me please for my delay, but these days were a bit complicated, but I don´t forget about your lovely works, yes I writte “lovely” cause I really love the works done with pencil colours !

The Clown's Have Gone Out to Play.
by Tim Duncan

by artbyarielle

Duet – Part 2
by Katherine Thomas

Mark Talking About William Burroughs
by John Douglas

Nature's Gifts
by Karen Hull


Indian dance I
by Heaven7

In front of
by Rossella Buscemi

Rainbow Lorikeet
by Karen Hull

Ice Cream Party
by Laura Hutton

If You Go Down To The Pond Today…
by Brinjen

Cicada Playing a Squeezebox
by Sophie Corrigan

Please indicate in the description: which Technique you are using … and if your work is done in a Digitally way submit them to the appropriate groups.

As you can see I select from the Hyperrealism, passed by the Naive, to the Expressionism

Congratulations to all the featured Artists!

Laura Hutton Laura Hutton 21 posts

Thank you so much for the feature Teresita- congratulations to the other artists, fantastic work :)!

katherinejft katherinejft 10 posts

It’s an honor to be included on a page with so much beautiful work! Thank you!

tere5 tere5 520 posts

Laura ! so nice to read your comment here !!!…your work is lovely !!

Katherine ! Thanks to you to submit your amazing work !

Cindy Schnackel Cindy Schnackel 4952 posts

Congrats everyone, beautiful works!

tere5 tere5 520 posts

CIndy !…so glad for your kind comment !

Brinjen Brinjen 8 posts

Wow! Thank you for the feature! Beautiful works here and I’m honored to see my work featured among them. :-)

tere5 tere5 520 posts

Brinjen !!….I love your frog !..and it´s no easy to play with those dark colors and all of them seems to be so bright ! Thanks for your comment !

Heaven7 Heaven7 46 posts

Thanks a lot Teresita and congratulations to the other featured artists! Fantastic gallery!

tere5 tere5 520 posts

Heaven !….So glad to read you comment here !!…when I found your dancers I fell in love with them !!