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*COLORED PENCIL ART*** MUST LIST PENCIL medium!!! 1 per day...(NO Products, Image Only, rejected otherwise)

- A group for COLOR drawings in colored pencil NO Conti Pastels or B W Charcoal..NO DIGITAL WORKS or DIGITAL RETOUCHES, like backgrounds,....please list your medium in description. IMAGE ONLY size is all I allow for moderation. Anything else and it will

Features Are Up May 28, 2011

ShootingStars8 ShootingStars8 711 posts

Congratulations to all who made the home page.

Link to features

Janice Dunbar Janice Dunbar 110 posts

Congrats everyone!!

Luke Brannon Luke Brannon 992 posts

The link takes me to candid photographs…

Diane Johnson-Mosley Diane Johnson-... 673 posts

Great work, all of it.

BSDVisions BSDVisions 25 posts

Congratulations to a very talented group – wonderful works of art here!