A weekly themed group based on Color. FLOWER and NATURE works only.

Recent Work

  • Pink Clouds in the Rideau River, Ottawa, ON  by Shulie1
  • Green breast Mango female hummingbird by Linda Sparks
  • Fiery throated hummingbird by Linda Sparks
  • Pimelea Bud by kalaryder
  • A Grand View by Nancy Richard
  • A Different Look! by Margaret Stevens
  • Pretty in Yellow by Margaret Stevens
  • Abelia grandiflora by Ana Belaj
  • Crape Myrtle by autumnwind
  • Dinner! by jozi1
  • Young Sparrow.....I'm all alone and cold.........!! by Roy  Massicks
  • Tulips and Hostas by Shulie1

About This Group

A group predominantly for Nature photographers, though pictures of flowers and gardens are welcome too.

If any man made objects appear in submissions, they cannot be the main focus of the work, but in the distance or background.

No people in the pictures and no pets. Wildlife only.

From time to time we will run Challenges featuring a particular colour. The colour theme will change from one Challenge to the next going through the rainbow with some additions (e.g. pink and white). We will repeat the colors after we have exhausted our list.


We strongly encourage NEW WORK , so if a specific work has won any previous challenges please DO NOT resubmit that work.

*The winner of our Spring Flowers Challenge was John Dalkin with his picture “Lake Tekapo and Wild Flowering Lupins”.

The Winner of our Indigo Challenge was SummerJade with her lovely flower portrait “Indigo Anemone – A Cool Beauty”

See the group rules and join this group here

Membership of the group is by invite only.