Cokin Filters

For Photos using any of the Cokin Filters.

Recent Work

  • "Lonsdale Twilight Reflections" by Phil Thomson IPA
  • Stormy Weather by Paul Amyes
  • A Walk Down The Lane by Paul Amyes
  • Moore River Sandbar by Paul Amyes
  • Exposed by Time by Mark  Lucey
  • Sunrise - Pretty Valley Pondage by Mark  Lucey
  • A Natural Highlight by Mark  Lucey
  • Valley of Smoke by Mark  Lucey
  • Nature and Culture  by christopher363
  • Pier at twilight by yurybird
  • The Winter Has Arrived by Joose Järvenkylä
  • Dune by yurybird

About This Group

We all have used filters to assist with our photos. Im sure some people are keen to buy more, but are unsure as to how much impact certain filters have.

This group is there to help make those purchasing decisions by seeing photos taken with the help of filters.

See the group rules and join this group here