It’s a tee. It’s a dress. It’s the new Graphic T-shirt Dress.

Closeups in Nature (1 per day Limit) NO DOMESTIC or FARM ANIMALS

Group Rules:

We accept

High quality photographs (Well focused, Sharp, and properly exposed, natural subjects only)

No artificial backgrounds, layers, digital art or heavy manipulation

No people or parts of, no domestic or farm animals, no spiders

No writing on the images, unless requested for a challenge

We do not accept works displayed as an iphone case

When entering photos in any challenges they MUST be entered into the group before entering in the challenge or they will be removed from the challenge

We will not accept multiple images where we consider the shots to be very similar unless there is a reasonable space of at least one week between submissions

Please limit entries to no more than 1 per 24 hours

Shots rejected will be at the discretion of the hosts, due to the high volume of images that are rejected each day we will be unable to reply to bubblemails asking for individual reasons for rejection



  • When you post a shot into the group one of two things will happen, either :-*

a) It will be rejected with a reason if it does not fit with the group rules or without a reason if you have submitted more than the 3 shots per day allowed

b) It will be accepted into the group.

For the foreseeable future Feature days will be as follows:-

In addition there will be a Pick of the Week

Before entering a photo into the group please check it is covered by one of the above categories to prevent rejection.