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Closeups in Nature (1 per day Limit) NO DOMESTIC or FARM ANIMALS

Nature Photography, up close (no spiders; minimum man-made)


  • In the eyes of a giraffe by Alison Hill
  • Cuddly cubs by jozi1
  • Get out of here! by Konstantinos Arvanitopoulos
  • " The Amur Tiger" by Malcolm Chant
  • The Sentry  by Susan Bergstrom
  • Baby Elephant Kicking Up Dust by Carole-Anne
  • Prickly Customer by CBoyle
  • That`s just what i needed! by jozi1
  • Safe with Mom! by jozi1
  • I am a brave little elephant! by jozi1
  • " A  very Endanged Creature" by Malcolm Chant
  • The Velvet Buck by Ken McElroy
  • Two More Steps And We Pounce by Shaun Colin Bell
  • Behind The Reeds by Elisabeth and Barry King™ by BE2gether
  • Washed In The Twilight Golden Sunshine  by Elisabeth and Barry King™ by BE2gether
  • A Tangerine Grows by paintingsheep
  • The Million Faces of Earth by Ron Hannah
  • Garden of Euphorbia by paintingsheep