Clever Designs

This group was created to celebrate clever and well executed designs.


  • Fishies by Wayne Grivell
  • My Brain Hurts! by Aylin Selet
  • "Pluto's autocracy...." by atomikboy
  • DAWN by Ming  Myaskovsky
  • Hell's Belles by CWR63
  • Connected Creative by micklyn
  • Not Human by Simon Bowker
  • firefly jade by jon  daly
  • ORIENTAL -2 by StarKatz
  • Baby playing with Rattler by Malkman
  • 302 Crap Artist by Andrew Gordon
  • EMERGENCE by Paul Quixote Alleyne
  • the hand by Sooty  Grunter
  • Vamp Jarvis by ellejayerose
  • Whitey by Ashoka Chowta
  • blue by tulay cakir
  • Better Lace Than Never by David McMahon
  • Plasma Charge by Wayne Grivell