City Life is the only Life (only 2 images per day)

A Celebration of Cities Around the Globe

Recent Work

  • Spain. Santiago de Compostela. Monastery of San Martín Pinario. by vadim19
  • Spain. Santiago de Compostela. Catherdral in the afternoon. by vadim19
  • Into the night... by Baha Mosa
  • France. Compiègne. Town Hall & Garden. by vadim19
  • Connected by awefaul
  • While lining up by Baha Mosa
  • Flower Bird by Yair Karelic
  • Architecture in B&W  ^ by ctheworld
  • The Sun Dial by Yair Karelic
  • Balcony Doors by Cynthia48
  • Toronto Union Station 3:23PM by Brian Carson
  • Looking Down.......     ^ by ctheworld

About This Group

Cities…living, breathing, often demanding metropolises. Many of us live in or love major cities and as artists are inspired by them everyday.

This group is a celebration of cities all over the globe. The architecture, the quiet oases in otherwise bustling locales, the grittiness and the danger.

We encourage all members to share their cities with us. What is your city showing you today?

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