Church Architecture

Religious Architecture. Photography inside and out, add location, name of building and approx age in description

Recent Work

  • Immaculate by anorth7
  •  Tidmarsh Village Church by IanWL
  • Gated Entrance by lezvee
  • The Way To The Altar (Modbury) by lezvee
  • Karlskirche at night by naturalis
  • Medieval cathedral by naturalis
  • Melk Interior 28 by Priscilla Turner
  • Melk Interior 2 by Priscilla Turner
  • Elegant Arches by kalaryder
  • A Window of Remembrance #2 by kalaryder
  • Karlskirche church in Vienna by naturalis
  • Heralding Angels by Bill Wetmore

About This Group

A place to bring together the different Religious Architectural styles from the birth of Mankind to the present day.

The building and location must be identified.
Add a little history in the description

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