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Churches, Inside & Out (1 per day)

Group Rules:

Please submit no more than 1 images a day.
- All images must focus on all, or part of, the interior or exterior of a Church, Chapel, Cathedral, Abbey, Chapel or Temple etc. This may include any architectural features of the building, inside or out, including such things as church doors, stained glass windows, sanctuaries, pulpits, fonts, organs, church spires, church bell towers and church bells, crosses, statues etc. Church, Cathedral, Abbey & Temple ruins are accepted. NO Cemeteries, Mausoleums, Memorials, Graveyards or Graves will be accepted. There are other groups you may be interested in for these.
- To keep the quality of our gallery high, please don’t submit ‘snapshot’ type of images or dull and lifeless images. All images must have good color and clarity. We won’t accept blown out or over exposed images, or any that are overly dark or have solid black shadows, also no blurry or out of focus shots.
- Please make sure that your images are straight. Any submissions that are not, will be automatically rejected.
- No overly weird angles or compilations, collages or overlays.
- Please don’t submit any images with writing added to the image, as the aim of this group is to focus on the architecture or fittings and not on any quotes or scripture.
- The group will accept HDR images and textures, as long as they are not over processed. Any HDR images with ghosting or excessive noise will also be rejected.
- As this is a photography only group, the only artwork allowed will be images of existing artwork in churches, such as frescoes, mosaics, etc.

Hosts have final say on whether the submission fits the overall image of the group.
- Any submitted images may be used for challenges or group icons.
- New features will be posted each week or fortnight and these will be selected to fit a weekly theme, so please don’t be upset if you have submitted a fantastic image and it doesn’t get featured straight away, it might just have to wait until it fits the theme of the features for a particular week. The idea of themed features is to hopefully give the group a more professional look.
- As we aim to keep this group high quality and easy to moderate, we would like to keep the number of pages to a manageable size. To achieve this culling of older images will be done on a regular basis, allowing the gallery to remain fresh and manageable.