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Churches, Inside & Out (1 per day)

A group dedicated to showing the beautiful architecture of places of worship.

Recent Work

  • Tomb of St Ignatius Loyola, Church Gesu, Rome Italy19840719 0035  by Fred Mitchell
  • Lantern Star, Sheffield Cathedral by wiggyofipswich
  • St Andrews Cathedral .. Australia's Oldest by Michael Matthews
  • Twinkle Blue by Hena Tayeb
  • Zoom burst Buddha by indiafrank
  • Holy Trinity in Wales by kalaryder
  • Barclay Square by vigor
  • Blood Red. by John Dalkin
  • Heilig Geist Kapelle by Arie Koene
  • tower by A.R. Williams
  • Octogonal Chapel by bubblehex08

About This Group

THIS IS A PHOTOGRAPHY ONLY GROUP. We would like to keep our gallery dedicated to high quality images, focusing on the beautiful architecture of churches and temples, so please submit your best work only. Images in this group can include interiors or exteriors of churches, cathedrals, abbeys, chapels or temples, etc., as well as features such as church doors, stained glass windows, sanctuaries, pulpits, church spires, church bell towers, church bells, statues, sculptures and crosses, etc. NO Cemeteries, Mausoleums, Memorials, Graveyards or Graves will be accepted.
Please note that the aim of our group is to focus on the beauty of church architecture and fittings, not on the beliefs or non-beliefs of the people submitting work.

We had 32 entries in our last challenge “Somewhere to Sit” and the outright winner was Yampimon with his beautiful image The Church of Sait Tudno.

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