Art and Stories Made For Children 5 to 11 years old (*2 Downloads within 24hrs.*)

*A group for art and stories that will interest and excite children* *5 to 11 years old*

Recent Work

  • Love you to the Moon by fizzyjinks
  • The Light of Starry Dreams (Wolf Moon) by soaringanchor
  • Bad Hair Day by StressieCat
  • Owl & Pussycat Married by Turkey - Stars by Donna Huntriss
  • Simply Blue by © Linda Callaghan
  • Night Sky Owl by Kristy Spring-Brown
  • Harlequin Dolls by suzannem73
  • Rainbow Runner by WildestArt
  • Santa Tweet by StressieCat
  • Love birds by StressieCat
  • Crazy gaze by StressieCat
  • My penguin by StressieCat

About This Group

Forum for holiday cards.

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A group for art and stories that will interest and excite children. if you have a child on your lap and want to entertain them this group is for you. Or if you have been wanting to start a collaboration on a childrens book, this is a good place to start.

Art of any medium is welcome including….poser, freehand, photographs etc….
Writing of stories, poems or comics are most welcomed!

Guidelines For The Group
The Guidelines for this group are simple.
This is a group all about children. The writings and art are for the children and about the children. So make sure all work submitted (writing or art) is geared towards them.

One last note… this group is geared towards the young (5 to about 11 )…please please do not submit anything that is too adult…watch your language…your images…scenes in your profanity..NUDITY.(no childrens nudity) scenes..affairs..Religion,Politics…..I will .and have been..rejecting those.
No Guns, Knives, or Weapons of any kind

Please do not submit Photography Portraits of Children,dogs,cats there are other groups for them.

Note: *Not for art by children**. There is another group for this. My Child’s Art


Bedtime Stories Challenge Winner
Stories of the Giving Man by Wonderglass

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