Extreme Weather

Group Rules:

Please only submit your first class images.
There are no upload limits, but we will only accept a very high standard of work for submission. For those who are still learning or those who capture a lightning bolt by chance, I suggest the Lightning and Storms group would be better suited.

Images may include-


Rare Cloud Formations (extreme weather only);




Storm Surges;

and other forms of Extreme Weather.

Please consider detail, sharpness, exposure, composition, etc… when submitting an image.

No t-shirts, paintings or any other visual art other than Photographs will be accepted.

This is not a Group to show your PS skills. No compilation images. Only basic PS work (levels, minor sharpening, cropping, etc…) allowed.

All submission decisions will be solely up to the Group Hosts, and no explanation will be offered for works rejected beyond the initial rejection notice. Please note, we are seeking only your best storm images.

Please DO NOT re-submit an image that has already been rejected without express permission from a group host.

The sole goal of Extreme Weather is to showcase the Best-of-the-Best that Redbubble has to offer in the way of storm photography. We look forward to your BEST submissions!