Charity for Animals (3 per day)

A place where you can buy artworks that help animals

Recent Work

  • Jack Russell Terrier Puppy  by Nicole Zeug
  • Clouded Leopard - Nebelparder by Nicole Zeug
  • Cats Face - Katzengesicht by Nicole Zeug
  • Meerkats Family - Die Erdmännchen by Nicole Zeug
  • Border Collie Female by Nicole Zeug
  • Sweet little kitten by Nicole Zeug
  • Snowleopard by Nicole Zeug
  • Husky Blue by Nicole Zeug
  • Alaskan Malamute by Nicole Zeug
  • Golden Retriever Sky by Nicole Zeug
  • Golden Retriever Portrait by Nicole Zeug
  • Cat Day! by Vivek George Koshy

About This Group

This group is to showcase arts that will benefit animals and offer support through the forums.
All art seen in this group will benefit or promote either a non profit organisation (like a Humane Society or a conservation center) or a Red Bubble member who’s pet is facing critical illness that needs expensive vet care or who is acting as a shelter (eg: they rescue sick or abandoned animals until you can find them a place in an “official” shelter or in a good home).
This is a place where all wild and domestic animals charities meet. In addition to helping our members increase their exposure; this group also aims to offer community support for those who help animals.

There’s 2 ways to be an active member:
1. If the sale of your artwork will help out a charity, if you are yourself acting as a shelter, if you can’t cover the vet bills for your pets’ illness or if your artwork helps promote an animal charity (without the sales going toward it): submit your artwork for increase exposure.
2. If you do not classify in the above, but would like to offer support, be an active forum member.

Please visit and participate in the forums. We want this to be an exchange place. Someone else might have gone through something similar with their pets; someone else might have a great fund raising idea to share. We all want to help animals here, so let’s help each other help animals!

All banners were kindly designed by murals2go

See the group rules and join this group here

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