Character Development

A group for original anthropomorphic characters in any graphic medium (no photographs.


  • Spirit of the Woods by Simon Sherry
  • sentinal by Daniel Mathers
  • I didn't catch that by Daniel Mathers
  • BUROKKU by Kuba Gornowicz
  • 5 Pink Elephants by Lauren Eldridge-Murray
  • Mrs. Robot by Elizabeth Burton
  • Chick and Crock by Marianna Tankelevich
  • Teacup Greetings by fizzyjinks
  • Bad Landing by drawsgood
  • The Clam Whisperer by m catherine doherty
  • Tim In Red by frozenfa
  • Mosquito's Proportions by Zoo-co
  • Gecko by Zoo-co
  • Knubbelding - Filli by Martina Stroebel
  • METALHEDZ 3 -  'SPEX' by Kev Moore
  • Knubbelding - Stan by Martina Stroebel
  • Kokoro by Kuba Gornowicz
  • Twisted - Wild Tales: Kyna and the Elephant by Lauren Eldridge-Murray