***Changing Zoom Lenses***

Group Rules:

1. There has to be a description of the type of camera and the lens used.
2. No blurry pictures accepted.
3. Not only lens range please… (i.e. 70-200mm)- Make it also specific (75mm)- If you aren’t sure give it your best guess. Saying at the “closest or farthest” WILL NOT do!
4. All camera models are welcomed.
5. No HDR photos.
6. No pictures of recognizable people.
7. No dark toned photos.
8. No more than three photos of the same subject (i.e. Gold Eagles) for each artist.
9. Picture’s main focus has to be on group’s subject.
10. No words in picture.
11. Photograph artwork only (No paintings, Drawings, Etc.)
12. All other Redbubble rules and guidelines in effect.