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Bird silhouettes in sunrise or sunset.

This challenge closed about 1 year ago.

The Challenge

This is an easy, but beautiful challenge. No extra No’s. Simply show off with those beautiful bird silhouettes. It has to be at sunrise or sunset.

Please submit first to the challenge, and then only that work to the group.

Moderation will be done during voting time and then there won’t be a second chance to submit something else.

The usual “No’s” for all challenges in the Challenge Café group is:

No people-
No pornographic-
No offensive-
No dark-
No unrealistic-
No graveyards-
No statues-
No demons-
No trolls-
No goblins-
No abusive images.

Judging / Voting Criteria

I’ve learned from RedBubble’s Challenges that not many participants vote in the challenges they’d entered. Now I want you to keep that in mind if you like to vote. You don’t have to vote in the challenge, but I like to ask each one of you to please vote in all the other challenges that you did not enter. That makes perfectly good sense to me, because if you vote in a challenge that you didn’t enter, you will really vote for all the good work.

Rewards & Prizes

The top 10’s + 2 of the host’s choice will remain in the group. 6 Of the 12 remaining art will be featured. If you’re art is in the top 10, but not in the group, the host will choose another entry in your place to remain in the group.

All accepted work will remain in the group for the two weeks during voting time.

1st Place winning entry will be the group’s avatar till the next challenge is over.

Additional Information

Tori Yule is the owner of this lovely avatar. Thank you Tori for the permission to use your beautiful photograph as avatar. Your award is on our home page, and also in our special Challenges Avatar Gallery.

Cover Image: Siesta Key by tori yule


The Top Ten

Take me to the sun by LudaNayvelt

Take me to the sun by LudaNayvelt was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 4 votes.

  • Pelican silhouette in the sunset by Ian Berry
  • Twilight by Dave Davis
  • Alone...Watching The Sun Go Down by naturelover
  • Seagull at sunset by olivia-art
  • The Great Blue Heron - Dusk by T.J. Martin
  • At Sun Set (4523 Views) by aldona
  • Sunset silhouette  by Carisma
  • Red Dusk by Asoka
  • Foggy Sunrise at Walnut Creek by debidabble

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