Art and Photography Showcase - please add only YOUR BEST and One Image a day and only for challenge and seasonal themes.

Group Rules:

Group Rules:
We are looking for your best artistic efforts, only!
PLEASE abide by this. The hosts reserve the right to reject or remove any image without notice.
By adding your image to our gallery, you give us the right to use your image to feature or for a challenge avatar or example.

RB rules apply.
As in other RB groups, we reserve the right to reject any image without question.
Have fun and please share your enjoyment with others.

NOTE: With the exception of butterflies and moths, we prefer that you not post insects,
We do not accept nudity, greeting cards, cartoons, images with writing or type, snapshots, and violent, profane or pornographic subject matter. There are other available groups for these.
We do not accept Tshirts or writing on photographs, which also includes large banners with the artist’s name on it. We believe this detracts from your art.

Please refrain from adding any images of dead animals
no instruments of violence, even if you have depicted in a artistic way – absolutely no guns

Greeting cards will only be accepted when we have a special challenge
such as mothers day or another holiday.
Please do not put cards in the group unless there is the special/specific holiday challenge for them.

Thank you.
Your hosts, Nancy and Jane