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Hosts of Features Part Two for 2011

CeePhotoArt CeePhotoArt 1010 posts

It’s time once again to honor those hard working hosts!!!

Today features are all co-hosts of other groups….all hosts volunteer their time and I feel that we can honor some of the hosts by featuring them and their groups!!! Oftentimes, hosts aren’t featured a lot because they host groups that are near and dear to their heats and oftentimes won’t feature themselves.

Please stop by and congratulate the featured hosts!!!!! You just might find some interesting new groups to join.

I’m obviously not catching all the group hosts and co-hosts, so please feel free to comment and share a link to the group or groups that your host.

Other than this group, Chris and I host these groups together
Cee’s Fun Nikon Group
Cee’s Fun Pugs, Bulldogs and Mastiffs
Cee’s Which Way
Disability and Beauty
Flowering Bulbs
Monochrome in Color

Today’s 36 Featured hosts are listed below: (please check out the Featured Work Page to view all images)

Featured art Show Kindness by Maria Dryfhout
hosts Inspiring Blend (Words IN Your Image) group

Featured art Sunny Side Up by Melissa Dickson
Hosts Alphabet Soup group
Hosts Australian Women Photographers group
Hosts Australia at Large group
Hosts The Power of Photography group

Featured art Seagull in Black and White by Corri Gryting Gurzman
Hosts Bees, Butterflies, Etc group
Hosts The World As We See It, or as We Missed It group
Hosts Wild Horses, Mustangs, & other Non-Domestic Equines group
Hosts A Place to Start group

Featured art But You Can Wash Outside by Thomas Barker
Hosts Male Appreciation group
Hosts Hard Rubbish group

So Cold But So Beautiful by Leonie7
Hosts New Creations of Beautiful Color group

Featured art Cocoa Beach by Spiritinme
Hosts Digital Art Compilations
Hosts Ministry of Selling: Volume 1

Featured art On Alert by Deborah Zaragoza
Hosts Love of Eerie and Enchanting Artwork group
Hosts The GROUP no nudes
Hosts Cover Shots group
Hosts 2 FEATURED Submissions Per Day – The BEST of Redbubble group
Hosts A Moment In Time High Quality Only! group

Featured art Just Chillin’ by Michael Moss
Hosts Hall of Fame for artist of animal images group
Hosts Animal Portraits group
Hosts 300+ Go Long! group
Hosts Wild Cats in Their Environment group

Featured art For Goodness Sake……………control yerself by Dorothy Thomson
Hosts Bee Wasp Passions group
Hosts Border Terriers + other Scottish Breeds group

Featured art Shattering the Skies Above by Loretta Marvin
Hosts Art of the Mundane group
Hosts The Challenge Corner group
Hosts Concert Photography group

Featured art We Three Kings by Ladymoose
Hosts Coloring In Book group
Hosts Accentuate the Eyes group
Hosts A Love of Canon group
Hosts Show Us Your Bloopers group
Hosts Smoke Photography group
Hosts The CatRaven Challenge group
Hosts Charity for Animals group

Featured art Photographer vs Photographer by Bob Hortman
Hosts All Oregon Scenery group

Featured art Canale di Tenno by Martina Fagan
Hosts Celtic Realm group

Featured art Good Morning WORLD!! by Ruth Lambert
Hosts Country Roads Around the World group
Hosts Barns & Old Grist Mills and Covered Bridges group
Hosts Appalachian Life & Artists group
Hosts Flowers(WILD and DOMESTIC) – Fruits – Berries & Vegetables! group
Hosts DASHBOARD point of view! ROAD PHOTOGRAPHY group
Hosts ANIMALS Plus WILD BIRD Photography! group

Featured art Flax Wheel by Pamela Phelps
Hosts Remember When group
Hosts Pictures with a WOW Factor group
Hosts Links Central group
Hosts The Beautiful East Coast (USA) group

Featured art Beautiful Cavalier Called Lily by AnnDixon
Hosts Spaniels Forever group
Hosts Nature’s Paintbrush group
Hosts Roses Grow on You group

Featured art Noble and immortal – the Japanese Crane by Steppeland
Hosts PostCard Style group
Hosts Daisy&cie group
Hosts Creative souls group

Featured art Norah Head by David Geoffrey Gosling
Hosts Proudest Portraiture Photography group

Featured art Distressed shabby chic dresser by beanocartoonist
Hosts Express: disability & illness group

Featured art Mothership by Virginia N. Fred
Hosts The Beauty of Nature group

Featured art We only part to meet again by leapdaybride
Hosts Out of the Blue group
Hosts Artists on Facebook group

Featured art The Shoulder by Justin Atkins
Hosts Canadian Rocky Mountains group
Hosts Baby Wildlife of the World

Featured art Defiant by Michele J. D’Amicol
Hosts Connecticut Photography & Art group Photography & Art
Hosts Urbex- Urban Explorers of the United States group

Featured art Standing alone by Lenka
Hosts NYIP students and alumni group
Hosts Dips & Trips group

Featured art Fall is In The Air by Nadya Johnson
Hosts Sci Fi group
Hosts Beautiful Blends group
Hosts Cutting Edge group

Featured art Faerie Lace by Bunny Clarke
Hosts Fractal Abstracts group
Hosts Fractal Combinations group
Hosts ░▒▓ Creation – Photoshop, Poser, Daz group

Featured art Little Hand-Big Hand by Evita
Hosts Vibrant Plants group
Hosts Blooms group
Hosts Still Life Fine Art and Food Photography group
Hosts Harbour Life group
Hosts Macarthur Group – Wollondilly, Camden and Campbelltown group
Hosts Dolls & Tedd Bears group
Hosts The World As We See it, or Missed it group
Hosts Nature In Its Entirety group
Hosts The Tropical Zone group
Hosts All About Lighthouses group
Hosts At The Market group
Hosts The Art of Still Life group
Hosts A Place to Start group
Hosts Smoke Photography group
Hosts Nature and Man group
Hosts Beautiful Boxers, Bullies and Staffies group

Featured art On A Clear Day by vigor
Hosts Religious Art and Photography group
Hosts Down on the Farm group
Hosts Inspirational Greeting Cards
Hosts Just For You – Dedications group

Featured art Trees by Elizabeth Kendall

Featured art Alone with his thoughts by Su2anne
Hosts All that is Nature group

Featured art Princess Isis by Heather King
Hosts Show Us Your Pets group
Hosts Magic of Mirrored Images group
Hosts My Model Mania group
Hosts Anxiety group
Hosts Furry Friend’s Features group
Hosts StrangeLand group
Hosts Self-Taught Photographers group
Hosts Inside the Self Portrait group
Hosts Today I Am Thankful For… group

Featured art On Wings by Plunder
Hosts Fascinating Art Ts group
Hosts 3D Fractals and More group
Hosts Flame Apophysis group
Hosts The Ultimate UFS and Beyond group
Hosts Beautiful Banners group
Hosts Fractal Paradise group
Hosts Fractal pong group
Hosts 3D Landscapes Gone Digital group

Featured art Pretty As A Picture by Vickie Emms
Hosts Extraordinary Fractalius group
Hosts Wildflowers of North America group
Hosts Old Things Are Vintage (1960 0r Older) group
Hosts Alberta – Wild Rose Country group
Hosts Wildflowers of the World group

Featured art March of the Alliums by BlueMoonRose
Hosts Fantastic Mixt Art, NoPhotos!

Featured art The Size Up by Stephanie Reynolds
Hosts Mother Nature’s Finest group
Hosts Feelin’ Good! group
Hosts Hometown Photography group
Hosts The Birthday Group
Hosts A Bugs Kingdom group

Featured art Iron – ized by Linda Bianic
Hosts Automotive BLING! group
Hosts Edmonton, Alberta group

ENJOY everyone!!!
Hugs and blessings

wildone wildone 4 posts

Wow Thats some list well done to all

Audrey Clarke Audrey Clarke 837 posts

Well done to all those hosts featured today

Lee d'Entremont Lee d'Entremont 4608 posts

Awesome Tribute Cee! Congratulations to all those Excellent hosts & for all you do!

Shani Sohn Shani Sohn 1051 posts

Cee — way to go! These hosts are fantastic. They give their time and energy and make it possible for us to show off our work and enter challenges. They are the heart of Red Bubble and I send them a very large Thank You! And thank you Cee for honouring them this way.

Vickie Emms Vickie Emms 5137 posts

It’s pure pleasure to be included amongst the fabulous artists above.
Thank you Cee, and congratulations to all chosen. Fantastic work!

DeborahZaragoza DeborahZaragoza 315 posts

Wow, what a surprise! You always amaze me Cee with all you do and what a sweet act of kindness to all these hosts. You are extra-ordinary in your attention to what is going on all around you. Thank you so much for this beautiful tribute!

Congratulations to all the other Hosts here and and thank you very much Cee for including me! A great honor!!!

Melissa Dickson Melissa Dickson 812 posts

This is such a thoughtful gesture Cee, thank you so much I am so thrilled to be featured among these wonderful host and love and appreciate everything you do as a host… you really are amazing, thank you! xxx

Sharksladie Sharksladie 431 posts

YAY-!!! Totally honored to be a featured host Cee!! Thank you for thinking of me, and also for running such a GREAT, smooth-running, challenge-having GROUP! YOU are AMAZING!! Congratulations to all you great hosts!!! I appreciate you!!! xxx Steph

bubblehex08 bubblehex08 1978 posts

Thank YOU for the great job you do as a host and for this list including a lot of groups which I never had the time to visit. Since I am hosting myself several groups, I rarely have time to search for new interesting groups. So I have bookmarked this message.
Thanks to all the featured hosts, and to all those NOT included in your list ;)


vaggypar vaggypar 13439 posts

Great Work …!!!

Evita Evita 15080 posts

I’m thrilled and honored beyond words, thank you much Cee for including me among such amazing hosts !!!!
Congratulations to my fellow Hosts !!! hugz xx☺♥

BlueMoonRose BlueMoonRose 608 posts

I am greatly honoured, Cee. Thank you so very much. Warm wishes, Kathryn

dgrizzle dgrizzle 993 posts

congratulations to all the wonderful hosts, you all do such a wonderful job & we members thank you, Cee you are so wonderful to do this :).

Pam Amos Pam Amos 3648 posts

BIG THANKS to all…much appreciated…:)

vigor vigor 10219 posts

Congrats to all who were featured in this and thank you for including me to be among them!!! Honored!

RGHunt RGHunt 7421 posts


Linda Bianic Linda Bianic 3215 posts

wow,, thank you Cee, it is an honor to be included with such amazing talent!!

Ruth Lambert Ruth Lambert 1258 posts

What a great honor to be included as a Host among the peers! I’m awed Cee and the great work you do and still find the time and concern to give honor to the rest of us who host!!!! You are a blessing to me and many,many others and I DO thank you for this wonderful honor……..and the time and work it took to put it together!!! THANK YOU!

leapdaybride leapdaybride 760 posts

Thank you for your efforts in putting together this AWESOME page!! I really appreciate the time you put into ALL your groups CEE, you are a magnificent host! ♥

Sazzart Sazzart 1120 posts

The collection is

to all featured Artists

Ellanita Ellanita 860 posts

How totally awesome!!! Congratulations to all the hosts and thank you Cee wow…blessings

virginian virginian 13266 posts

What a list! I found a few groups to join. Thank you for all your hard work.

Congrats to all featured artists.

su2anne su2anne 1530 posts

what an amazing tribute and acknowledgement. it really brings home both the enormity of what you have done Cee and what all these individulas do. Bravo a fantastic idea and many thanks

Barbara  Glover Barbara Glover 517 posts

Wow, you do definately go above and beyond Cee.

Congrats to all.