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12-03-13 ... That's why we love them so ♥

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That’s why we love them so ♥

Her upstairs by vickymount

Pussy Galore by vickymount

My Handsome Boss by ibjennyjenny

Friends by Judith Loske

Birthday Present by Judith Loske

Sprung!!! by Ladymoose

The Discovery by Ladymoose

Barbara's Cat by Roz McQuillan

Soft as a Whisper by Marsha Elliott

A much needed break by tinypaws

Thank you to the featured artists for all the awesome work ♥
Also a big THANK YOU from your grateful host to all those of you who take the time
to support this group and at the same time show your appreciation of your fellow artists
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Ladymoose Ladymoose 992 posts

Beautiful works everyone. Thank you so much for including Lily Mae and Molly:-) =^..^=

vickymount vickymount 20 posts

Thank you Kira for adding me here. Much appreciated…and for introducing me to more lovely cat artwork.

DaleLeach DaleLeach 1 post

Thanks to Kira for including my work in the featured artists page. Cats are such fascinating little creatures with such big personalities that have fascinated people through history. They make ideal subjects for art and I really love seeing how artists interpret them in so many different ways.

tinypaws tinypaws 1239 posts

Thank you Kira ;0)) Tiny is more relaxed knowing he is in the company of such beautiful illustrated and photographed kittens and cats ;0))
Well done all ;0))))