Cats and Kittens - Any Varieties 3/day

This group is based on your work and love for cats AND kittens! This group is completely open to cats big and small; domestic or wild; pedigree or non pedigree; street or rescued; you name it!

Recent Work

  • Sunshine by Ladymoose
  • Winter Prowl by Adrian Wale
  • Dinner time by Lydia Cheval
  • If you must by Maryanne Lawrence
  • Tasha by jodi payne
  • Untitled by lefusadi
  • Cat walking on blue by lefusadi
  • White cat walking on white by lefusadi
  • Black cat walking by lefusadi
  • Smokey by AnnDixon
  • Maple Style by Ladymoose
  • Toilet Paper Kitty by tigressdragon

About This Group

This group is open to everybody who has a passion for photography involving cats and kittens in general. There is no limit on the type of cat or where it lives, as long as you submit a cat(s)/kitten(s) only!

The group is here as I have come to the conclusion that there isn’t a very wide range when it comes to cats. There may be specific groups on the details of cats but to have a vast collection of different types and species is what we want the most!

Also, there is no group that mentions wanting kittens in the title, so it’s about time they got recognised!

We do expect a very high quality of work however, we don’t want any quick snapshots. A very high quality of photographs/art expected. Yet with such a large range of felines to photograph there should be plenty of pictures for you to post!

Look forward to seeing all your gorgeous pics!

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