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How to fix glowing/alien cat and dog eyes

Angie Tirado Angie Tirado 89 posts

we all know that most red eye fixes dont work on our glowing green or yellow or blue of our pet pictures eyes. here is what i do….

i open the picture in my digital editing software and then select my handtool ‘paintbrush’ i usually select the color black or match up the color with the dropper placed in an area of the pupil that isnt glowing and then zoom in to the eye. i make sure my paintbrush is the right size, smaller than the pupils actual size and start carefully filling the glow with the black paint. to give it a more realistic look, light reflecting off the eye i reduce the paintbrush size to just a few points and change the color to white and make a tiny dot within the pupil i just colored in with the black. save the image with a different name so i have a repaired copy of the original and then upload the edited one with no glowing eyes! :)

the more you do this treatment the better you get at it. practice practice practice! :)

here is 2 images i did this treatment on, so you can see that it is very effective to removing glowing eyes.

no white light was added in this cats eyes shot.

to avoid the glowing eyes and not needing to digitally correct it, you would have to make sure you are taking pictures of your pets with plenty of available light so when the flash goes off they dont reflect the light. take pictures in daylight, for indoor pictures open all your curtains and shades in that room and turn on all you lamps and overhead lights. it may be enough or you may want to just prompt your kitty or pup right near a window and with the right angle you can avoid the glows from appearing in those beautiful eyes!!

**also slowing down your shutter speed you may be able to shoot without flash providing you have enough available light, but you will get alot of blur if the pet is moving and/or youre not using a tripod.

good luck!!

Lori Deiter Lori Deiter 103 posts

Thanks Angie! This information is very helpful!!

Angie Tirado Angie Tirado 89 posts

im glad it was helpful lori. :)

Robert Jenner Robert Jenner 27 posts

Thanks Angie… great advice
Rob J :)

Angie Tirado Angie Tirado 89 posts

youre welcome. :)

Johanne Brunet Johanne Brunet 402 posts

Here is a link to a tutorial showing another technique to accomplish the same thing. However, I modify it a little bit when I use it, as I explained below the link.

I like to make my selections (step 2) and copy them to a new layer (Ctrl-J) before moving on to Step 3. This way, after making all the adjustments on the eyes layer, it is then possible to blend in overlay or soft light mode and play with the opacity until you get a very realistic and pleasing effect.

Angie Tirado Angie Tirado 89 posts

aweosme!! thanks johanne for sharing with us!! :)

Dayonda Dayonda 218 posts

Thank you! I tried it and it works great! I’ve been using it for awhile now.
That glow is eerie!

Johanne Brunet Johanne Brunet 402 posts

My pleasure, ladies! :-)

copperhead copperhead 28 posts

Or, speed up the frames, which will create multiple pictures..(mine does 7-10 frames per second) And one will not have the glow.

Just wait until you can see both eyes at the same time least with the darker colored eyes.

With the lighter colored eyes I have found that an angle works a little better. You will see more “side shots” of my black and white dog for his eyes are sort of a “stripy hazel” but Bailey is all light colored and has dark, “coffee colored” eyes. If I try and angle with him I get bad reflection usually, unless there is some distance between us. Also, if you can be really observant and patient..dogs and cat’s pupils dialate and contract very quickly in response to light changes…much faster than humans. To reduce glare…you can sometimes turn on a bright light and turn it off quickly and get your shot that way, and still use the flash. Their eyes adust, red eye is not there because they are reacting to the first light not the second..they are already adjusted.

Hope it makes some kind of sense. I’m a little distracted tonight. These are methods I use…they might not work for everybody, but I never reduce red eye, as those become something else if I don’t want them displayed..but for the most part I leave them as I find them because the simple fact is that dogs and cats can see in the dark so they have glowing eyes for a reason. I’ve gotten glowing eyes..while in the dark..without using flash as well, so I do not believe it something that can be controlled all the time.
tinhearts tinhearts 54 posts

Thank you so much for this info! I kept trying my red eye fix and nothing worked on some of my images. I just joined your group tonight so now I know not to submit those images with that. Sometimes I like to see the glow especially when they are two separate colors. I used to be bipolar..long story but the Lord delivered me, but I called one of my cat photos bipolar because of his eyes being two different colors. I’m still a little on the silly side but not ever bipolar again ;)