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For The Love Of Cats - one image a day

Art Devoted to the Feline Wild or Tame

  • Kitty by Shelley Neff
  • Why the Cheetah’s Cheeks are Stained by Damienne Bingham
  • Black cat I by Lynn Starner
  • Black Beauty by Marija
  • My pretty head by Gerard Rotse
  • Once Upon A Time by Hal Smith
  • Black Cat and Mouse - Halloween oil painting by LindaAppleArt
  • Nuffy the Pole Dancer by BarbBarcikKeith
  • Leg or Breast? by Victoria Stanway
  • Jasper with daisies by Lynn Starner
  • What the hell..there's four of you? by jammingene
  • Woodland Creature by Mikell Herrick
  • Kisses to Sleeps by Ladymoose
  • Any cat is a cat from his whiskers to his tail... by Madalena Lobao-Tello
  • Lion Stalking Prey by Tarrby
  • Louis Licking His Paw by AnnDixon
  • Little Miss Phoebe by Ladymoose
  • Love Pot by vickymount