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Recent Work

  • On the prowl by missmoneypenny
  • Cosy Little Nosey by Ladymoose
  • Delain Portrait in Color by Scott Mitchell
  • Concentration by Christina Backus
  • For a Challenge ( 3 ) - Double the Yin by cullodenmist
  • Ginger Had Her Babies Today - 21-Apr-2014 by Jane Neill-Hancock
  • Secret Hideout by Loree McComb
  • Tiger tiger burning bright by missmoneypenny
  • Good Morning! by heatherfriedman
  • American Bobcat by BarbBarcikKeith
  • mr. white by lucyliu
  • A Cheetah Cub by jozi1

About This Group

“For The Love of Cats” is a group for people who enjoy the beauty of cats, from the wild to the domestic house cat
For The Love Of Cats group Opened.- November 09, 2007.

When you enter or submit an image into our group, you give the hosts permission to use that image as a feature or example in a challenge. please be aware of this.

“For The Love of Cats” is also aware of the homeless cat problem,
Far too many of them are sent to the over crowded shelters
So If you are looking for a cat or kitten the animal shelter would be the first place to look as they are usually Vet checked Vaccinated and the most important reason being that you will be saving life one of these beautiful creatures.

“A cute fluffy kitten is NOT just for Christmas it is a long term committment”
Then we also may not have so many over crowded animals shelters


Latest Challenge Winner

Valentine Kitties Challenge Winner, 8-Feb-2014

Kitten with red bow by ©The Creative Minds

Kitten with red bow
by ©The Creative Minds

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