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Castle Magic

Group Rules:

There are only a few rules so please abide by them.

1. Keep all uploads mainly of castles although this group will also accept forts and palaces from 24th april 09 on, no other type of building tho please

2. All Castle images must be accompanied with a description of The Castle Name and Location (That is the minimum description), you can if you want give a full description of the Castles History if you wish.

3. Please respect copyright, do not upload anything that doesn’t belong to you or has been found on the Internet.

4. Don’t add too much work, max two images per day

5. Respect the moderator

6. If unsure of upload please contact moderator.

7. Add stories or poetry only into the writing please,

8. No Journal entries or clothing accepted in this group.

9. When submitting an image into the Group you give permission to the Hosts for possible use as a Group or Challenge Avatar. Your image will not be used for any other purpose.