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Cartoony Tees

Group Rules:

Please read all the rules carefully because this may not be the right group for you!

Only the best T-shirts will be accepted. 20 per person.

Make sure you are submitting your best work only. (If you are questioning your design then you probably shouldn’t submit it)

You can submit any ‘style’ of T-Shirt as long as it is NOT just TEXT. Half of my submissions are text, and I have to spend a lot of time rejecting these. I want drawings, images… not words. I don’t care what your text says… it’s not cartoony, it’s not a picture, it doesn’t belong here.

Do NOT re-submit the SAME design in different colours. Just select your favourite one and submit that once. If you do this, you waste my time. I end up just approving the first one I see and rejecting the rest anyways.

Make sure you actually made your design. I will NOT accept any designs that were stolen from the internet and just played around in photoshop (adding ‘cool’ effects, pasting a bunch of stuff around it, etc) I can tell when something isn’t actually drawn or made by someone. I can tell, even when it’s a cartoon or anime I’ve never seen before. I’ll reject it. I want YOUR artwork, fan art, doodles, designs.