Cartoony Tees

Awesome cartoony t-shirts for all!

Hey there!

Angel Szafranko Angel Szafranko 40 posts

Welcome to the Cartoony Tees!!

Please invite your friends/people who you think would fit into this group.

Also the forums are open to all topics. (movies, animations, art tips, tv shows….supernatural!)

Please don’t be afraid to ask us any questions via bubblemail. (We also accept insults)

We look forward to seeing your Tees!

- Angel & Justin.

Anthropolog Anthropolog 101 posts

thanks for the feature, guys :-)

thisisjoew thisisjoew 1 post

How do I submit designs to the group?

Joe W

Angel Szafranko Angel Szafranko 40 posts

joe, when you go to edit your t-shirt, if you scroll down a bit you should be able to click on which groups you would like that design to be submitted to.

OrangeRakoon OrangeRakoon 5 posts

Hello there! Just joined this group, new to everything in general, but have to say I liked the stuff in the gallery quite a lot. Seems like the kind of art I particularly like!

Angel Szafranko Angel Szafranko 40 posts

Hello and welcome! :]

alexistitch alexistitch 1 post

Yay! Just joined and am happy to be here! :D