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Oct 11, 2012
alexistitch alexistitch 1 post

Topic: General Discussion / Hey there!

Yay! Just joined and am happy to be here! :D

Aug 9, 2012
thedisillusion thedisillusion 241 posts



Just want to let you all know about my t-shirt blog over at

The aim of the blog is to promote the great works of designers of funny t-shirts all over the world. If you have a piece of work or a portfolio that you would like to promote (for free) then get in touch either at the link above or at the following e-mail address

All the best and keep up the great work

Disillusioned Designs

Jan 17, 2012
Rhana Griffin Rhana Griffin 662 posts

Topic: General Discussion / Win Your Favorite RedBubble T-Shirts

We’re on a mission to clothe the naked and refresh tired wardrobes with dashing, well designed apparel so we’re giving you the chance to win your favorite RedBubble tees between now and January 31st, in our #Tweets4Tees giveaway. You can get your paws on your design of choice by hopping over to Twitter and telling us your favourite tees on RedBubble. It’s so simple, it’s really quite brilliant.

To be in the running to win your favorite t-shirts:

1. Follow us on Twitter @RedBubble
2. Send a tweet with the hashtag #Tweets4Tees and a link to your favourite RedBubble tee
3. Once a day we’ll announce a winner so sit back, relax and wait to see if you’ve won
4. Enter as many times as you like before January 31st
5. For more information, head on over to our official rules

Plus, we’ll whip up a tweet featuring your profile page and share it with RedBubble’s 10,000 followers if you share this post with your network on Facebook, Twitter, personal blogs or anywhere else across the interwebs, and let your supporters and fans know they could score one of your tees. All you need to do for this sweet RB tweet is leave a comment on the competition post with a link to where you have shared.

Dec 29, 2011
Angel Szafranko Angel Szafranko 40 posts

Topic: General Discussion / Hey there!

Hello and welcome! :]

Dec 26, 2011
OrangeRakoon OrangeRakoon 5 posts

Topic: General Discussion / Hey there!

Hello there! Just joined this group, new to everything in general, but have to say I liked the stuff in the gallery quite a lot. Seems like the kind of art I particularly like!

Sep 4, 2011
MFSdesigns MFSdesigns 7 posts

Topic: General Discussion / hello!

Just to say hi and thank you for the feature!

Jul 7, 2011
Angel Szafranko Angel Szafranko 40 posts

Topic: General Discussion / Hey there!

joe, when you go to edit your t-shirt, if you scroll down a bit you should be able to click on which groups you would like that design to be submitted to.

Jul 2, 2011
thisisjoew thisisjoew 1 post

Topic: General Discussion / Hey there!

How do I submit designs to the group?

Joe W

Mar 12, 2011
Anthropolog Anthropolog 101 posts

Topic: General Discussion / Hey there!

thanks for the feature, guys :-)

Nov 15, 2010
Angel Szafranko Angel Szafranko 40 posts

Topic: General Discussion / Hey there!

Welcome to the Cartoony Tees!!

Please invite your friends/people who you think would fit into this group.

Also the forums are open to all topics. (movies, animations, art tips, tv shows….supernatural!)

Please don’t be afraid to ask us any questions via bubblemail. (We also accept insults)

We look forward to seeing your Tees!

- Angel & Justin.