Cartoon Critters

Anything cartoon and inanimate. Eg: Animals, basketballs, toothbrushes

Recent Work

  • Cats a Fishing .. T-shirt by LoneAngel
  • Monster Brains by Octavio Velazquez
  • Lemon Party! by s2ray
  • fluff by lunaticpark
  • flying duck by greendeer
  • Bob-Omb Demolition by MightyRain
  • Clapping Monkey by Octavio Velazquez
  • Dumpty of the Dead – King Dumpty by Simon Sherry
  • Lemon Party! by s2ray
  • scary teddy bears series:  by kangarookid
  • The Strange Case of Dr. Mouse and Mr. Rat by sergio37
  • Powerpuff Witches by Jen Pauker

About This Group

We want to be a bit of a hub for all the cartoon object lovers out there. We would prefer bright and cheerful designs, humor is encouraged. We are here to support and encourage all of our peers. Invited critique is welcome but, don’t get personal:)

Give personality to things that don’t talk, don’t just draw a toothbrush, it’s gotta Do something! Tell a story…

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