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New things in C B and MS

John Robb John Robb 2663 posts

Time for a little change in Cars Bikes and Motorsports and thus there is a new set of featured art in the group. The features are little bit of a change in that they are all t-shirt designs – it’s always nice to have a little variety and a good design can be a wonderful alternative display of automotive art. I have to confess that, being a fan of Top Gear, my favourite is “James May Says" by Matt Simner. It just pipped the “Clubman Build” t-shirt.

Now although t-shirts are wonderful, there will be some time in the future when we’ll need to find another crop of great images so stay tuned for another challenge coming soon.

On a final note I’d like to thank all those who contribute to the wonderful array of images and artwork in the group – a great variety and quality that constantly improves day after day.

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