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Febuary Update

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Cars, Motorbikes and Motorsports – February 2009

As I write this the group membership has gone over the 1200 mark which makes for a lot of consistently amazing work in the gallery – choosing featured images gets harder all the time. Thank you to all those that make such wonderful work.

New Challenge – Your Pride and Joy
Time to get out and create an image of what makes your own car or bike special to you. This new challenge will start in a few hours time and the entries will be open for 2 weeks which will allow you to get out (in the blazing heat or freezing cold) and work on a shot or two.
The prize will both be the avatar for the group and pole position in the feature gallery so people can find your pride and joy easily.
Keep in mind the two week timeline – we’ll send out a single quick and simple bubblemail before entries are due to close – we try not to spam your BM inbox

(If you were wondering, yes that is my GTI – unfortunately Mike’s Lamborghini Gallardo was out being serviced when we were putting the challenge image together :-) )

Some random work from our new members

The forums
Sometimes we all take a photograph of a car or bike and wonder if something isn’t quite right – but you struggle to put your finger on it. If you have doubts then feel free to post a link to your work in the general discussion forum with a “for critique” in the title – the fresh views of others more often than not can help identify these not-quite-right things.
If you want to know some technical trick of the trade then post your questions and see if anyone can help you answer them.
Feel free to use the competition forum to drop imaginative ideas for the current or future competitions.
I’ll keep a copy of this bubblemail in group news for your future reference.

Administrative stuff
The art page is probably due for a clean out soon since it has grown a great deal – it currently is over 180 pages and so we’ll probably take that slowly and carefully back to 100 pages over the next few weeks. It will hopefully help to keep it manageable and fresh.
On a final note if you have anything you want to see or any great ideas then feel free to get in touch and let us know.

Your hosts
John Robb and Mike Emmett

opsdog opsdog 229 posts

My pride and joy is a beat-up pick-up – not exactly photogenic.

But it’s paid for :-)

Mike Emmett Mike Emmett 98 posts

Shoot it anyway!

Mike Emmett Mike Emmett 98 posts

Oh, John – you mean this Gallardo?