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From your humble day to day commuter to an exotic, racing super car.

Recent Work

  • Peterbilt by Torfinn Johannessen
  • Mk. IV 31/2 Litre by John Schneider
  • Trip Red Vette by barkeypf
  • From Fin to Eternity by John Schneider
  • Colorful Model A's by Susan Savad
  • Cliper DeLuxe by John Schneider
  • Morgan - BRG by RedHillDigital
  • 1964 Corvair Advertisement by Mike Pesseackey (crimsontideguy)
  • Cobra by John Schneider
  • Chieftain by John Schneider
  • 1960 Mercedes 190SL Convertible by John Thurgood
  • Twenty-Five Years  by John Schneider

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From your humble day to day commuter to an exotic super car

We all in some way share a passion and admiration for motor vehicles. This group is a place for all members to share their passion through stories or images that pay homage to those vehicles we love, and one day dream to own and or race!

Remember, post your best work, and only 2 per day max, and the subject MUST HAVE WHEELS!

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