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Cards For Sale (Must have writing on them)

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Recent Work

  • R-U Angry ? by James Lewis Hamilton
  • Janet's Garden by bellecards
  • Blessings From Above by Kathy Weaver
  • Merry Christmas by JEZ22
  • Wintry Holiday - Merry Christmas by Shelley Neff
  • ZORBINA invites you to dance~ by James Lewis Hamilton
  • DIVA by TeaseTees
  • Like a wave from the ocean... by TeaseTees
  • Three Of The Twelve Dogs Of Christmas by WildestArt
  • Joyful DANCING tee by James Lewis Hamilton
  • We Go Together Like Salt and Pepper by SummerJade

About This Group

All greeting cards for any occasion,
MUST HAVE WRITING ON THEM (not just your watermark, company name or signature) AND BE AVAILABLE FOR SALE.
(If we must continually delete the work of the same person because there is no writing on it, the person will be removed from the group.)

We reserve the right to remove, without notice, any image that does not comply with the rules. IF YOU HAVE THREE IMAGES IN A ROW THAT HAVE TO BE REJECTED BECAUSE YOU DID NOT FOLLOW THE VERY SIMPLE GROUP GUIDELINES, YOU WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE GROUP.

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