Greeting Cards for Everyday-NO SEASONAL CARDS PLEASE (Must Have A Greeting Or Inspirational Words on it)

Group Rules:

1. Must be a card for everyday. Birthday, Sympathy, Love, Just a Note, You’re Special, Anniversary and Invitations etc are acceptable. An everyday card is for an occasion that is celebrated individually and not by the whole world or Nation

2. Must have some kind of Greeting or Inspirational Verse or words on it. NOT just images. NO just artist logos, signatures or Place names.

3. Limit of 20 works per artist. Please only upload 3 images per day.

4. NO Holiday cards. This means No New Years, Christmas, Easter, Valentines, St. Patricks Day, Cinco De Mayo, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Holloween, Hanukkah…….. or any other day that is only celebrated once a year.

5. The card must be available for sale as a card

6. Design must fill the card (please refer to RedBubbles size guide). The best size to fit a card is 2327 × 1535 pixels(for oblong) or1535 x 2327 pixels (for upright). This size fits cards only. Or 4288 × 2848 pixels (Oblong) and 2848 x4288 pixels Fits cards and all art. Text and/or design cut off or ugly white and uneven borders in the final display will cause the work to be rejected.

7. No Nudity full or partial (wether it be photgraphy or art. drawn or painted)

8. Please include some English translation of any greeting written in any other language in your description.


To Add a Card Preview To Your Work..

Go into the Art link on the left hand side of My Bubble screen, then select click on the Edit Work link on the card you want to add it to, then click on the Buy Now button.

Right click on the card preview image and select properties at the bottom of the box.
Highlight the Address (URL) and right click and copy it then you can go back to edit screen for the card image and add it to the description of your image, by right click and pasting it with an Exclamation mark ! at each end of it without any spaces and save changes to your work.

Alternativly you could go to the public view of your image and paste the URL between two exclamation marks into the first comment box..

I hope this helps



2327 × 1535 Pixels ( Oblong) or 1535 × 2327 (Upright) for cards only

4288 × 2848 Pixels (Oblong) or 2848 × 4288 (Upright) fits cards and wall art