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Greeting Cards for Everyday-NO SEASONAL CARDS PLEASE (Must Have A Greeting Or Inspirational Words on it)

Cards for Everyday with words - NO iPhone or IPad Cases, T shirts, Tote Bags, or Throw Pillows Please. Cards Only!

  • For My Wife Romantic Red Roses With Pearls  by daphsam
  • Extra Terrestrial Daffodils Birthday Card by BlueMoonRose
  • Love u for always being there! by Ann12art
  • Show Me You Love Me ~ Buy Me a Rose by SummerJade
  • Raise Your Words.. ~Rumi~ by Rebecca Bryson
  • I Love You Greeting - White Moth Orchids by MotherNature2
  • Special Hugs by LoneAngel
  • Handwritten Psalm calligraphy art by Melissa Goza
  • Fuschia by bellecards
  • Ruby anniversary greeting for Husband by Ann12art
  • With Sympathy Card by focusonphotos