Capturing Emotion

Capturing emotions in photography of people

  • As I Watch you Sleep........ by Squealia
  • Darkness by Pratham Arora
  • Peek A Boo by EveW
  • The Kiss ** by jacqleen
  • Tyler, featured in Capturing Emotion by Françoise  Dugourd-Caput
  • Heartbreak by Karen  Hull
  • Don't worry... things will look better tomorrow. by micklyn
  • Live, Laugh, Love by HollyNewts
  • Individual by Marius Brecher
  • Hidden Talent by Michael Pross
  • And he was by madworld
  • In your eyes by Luis Carlos Lira Monges
  • Toby...The day I shot an angel by madworld
  • Girl in China Town by Michiel de Lange
  • Sisters by Nathalie Chaput
  • You'd better move on ( the pain of truth ) by madworld
  • Laughing is Good for You by dcdigital
  • Michael Fassbender - smile ! by jos2507