Capoeira......martial art, acrobatic dance surely to get you flipping

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  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu by ANDIBLAIR
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  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu by ANDIBLAIR

About This Group

Capoeira is a Brazilian art form which combines fight, dance, rhythm and movement. Capoeira is a dialog between players – a conversation through movement which can take on many shades of meaning.
Capoeira is an art form hat involves, music, and elements of practical philosophy. One experiences the essence of capoeira by “playing” a physical game called jogo de capoeira (game of capoeira) or simply jogo.During the jogo, the capoeiristas explore their strengths and weaknesses, fears and fatigue in a sometimes frustrating, but nevertheless enjoyable, challenging and constant process of personal expression, self-reflection and growth.

“The capoeira ring, whose geometric form facilitates the propagation of energy, is one of the symbolic representations of the ‘macro’ world. The movements we make inside this ring symbolize the adversities we encounter in life, which we often don’t know how to deal with. In the game of life, our opponents, in most cases, know nothing of capoeira but have movements peculiar to their own game, which we should be able to interpret and understand in their context, taking the capoeira ring as a point of reference. Playing in the ring, we succeed in establishing a fusion between playful elelments and respect for the other person. But the ring isn’t reality: the world is. If we win in this ring, we can take the other one too, pal!” -Mestre Moraes

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