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Your best TEXTURED work

This challenge closed about 3 years ago.

The Challenge

This photography challenge is all about the use of textures.
Blending a texture layer into your photograph is a great way to make your images more creative.
What exactly is texture?
The term texture when used in Photoshop refers to an image that is used on top of your own image that when adjusted via blend modes or opacity, imparts a “texture” on your image.
The “texture” doesn’t have to be of physical, in fact it could be nearly anything, including another photo.
Generally textures will be photographs or scans of old pieces of paper, fabric, a hand written letter etc,but it could also be an image of clouds, rain drops, a bokeh, bubbles, water reflections and so on.
That is the beauty of using textures, they could be anything and combined infinitely to create a wide range of different looks.


- CANON camera details must included in your description or tags.
- HIGH QUALITY layered works and textures ONLY.
- It should be obvious to the viewer that you have added layers to your work.
- Images that appear as straight photography will NOT be accepted into the challenge.
- no added “TEXT”
- No paintings, drawings, journals, cards or T-Shirts.
- No Snapshots
- PLEASE follow the group rules and guidelines

Judging / Voting Criteria

VOTE for your favourite (s)…and PLEASE remember we need your votes.

Rewards & Prizes

- Group Feature
- WINNER banner
- Broadcast
- Top Ten finalists will each receive a banner

Additional Information

Looking forwards to seeing your creativity.
Thank you for your support…"GOOD LUCK!!!!!*

Cover Image: Fan Tan Alley Man by Wendi Donaldso...


The Top Ten

Harbour Light by timmburgess

Harbour Light by timmburgess was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 8 votes.

  • Choose Your Cage Wisely by diggle
  • Storm at Sea by Chappy
  • Flowers for Grandma... by Qnita
  • Dried Peony Still Life by Sandra Foster
  • Matryoshka by Ursula Rodgers
  • The Adjustment Bureau by flyrod
  • Fireflies *(Sold 2 Canvas Copies on RB)**(4193 views* by aussiedi
  • Been Down This Road Before by Laurie Search
  • Buddha by Madeleine Forsberg

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