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A World of EOS - 1 image only per 24hrs

Group Rules:

~ Photographs only
~ one (high quality) image with good composition per day
~ the Photograph must be taken with any model of Canon EOS
~ Display your canon eos model either in your description or tags
~ New Rule: From now on, upto 12 pictures will be accepted into the group per day. The rest will either be rejected or will be left for the next moderator to approve if it is one of the 12 chosen that day.

We Will Accept
~ High Quality PHOTOGRAPH in B&W or Colored with GOOD composition
~ Architectural photography
~ Baby/child photography -(No nudity & No happy snaps)
~ Bokeh
~ Candid & Street life Photography – (no happy snaps)
~ Fashion , Glamour , Portraiture & Bodyscape Photography
~ Food photography – (no food happy snaps)
~ Macro Photography
~ Nature ie: Landscapes, Seascapes
~ Night & Long exposure Photography , Light Painting
~ Still Life Photography
~ Urban & Graffiti/Street art

~ We allow for sharpening , contrast & colour/hue enhancing.
~ we allow for Digitally manipulated images such as: – HDR, Orton effect, subtle added layers, textures, SC, BW, Sepia, split tone – (however your photograph must not look over processed)
~ we allow digitally added Borders, Frames , letterboxing & Vignette, however it must not detract away from the subject
~ Bodyscapes – some are tasteful , some are not – The final decision rests with the moderators – however bare bottoms, exposed female breasts/nipples & male/female genitalia should be covered up.

We Will NOT Accept
~ Duplicate Series or similar looking images ~ (only 1 artwork will be accepted)
~ Nudity or any explicit content such as pornography, bare bottoms, exposed female Breasts/nipples &/or male/female Genitalia
~ Images displaying violent behavior, blood gore, forensic, animal cruelty or dead things
~ Images of poor quality ie: blurred subject due to camera shake , under or over exposed… etc..
~ Happy Snapsplease be honest with yourself before submitting these kind of images or check with our moderator
~ Images which simply look over processed and no longer looks like a photograph
~ NO composite images (combining two or more separate photographs) & Fantasy Photography
~ images displayed in a format of Collages – Calendars – T-Shirt Designs – Pillows, iPhone/ipod Covers & TEXT ie. Your image MUST be displayed in IMAGE FORMAT ONLY
~ re-submissions of images
If your image already displays our acceptance banner in your comment box please don’t resubmit it back into our group, it will be rejected.

~ Journals if you got something to share please post it in our forum

HOUSE CLEANING every 3 months
~ We reserve the right to frequently clean house to keep this group fresh.

Next gallery clean up is due in JANUARY 2014
~ images older than one month will be removed from the galley

We keep
~ high quality images worthy of a feature
~ previously featured images
~ gallery images one month or less

Challenge Avatar images
~ Hosts reserve the right to select a member’s image as avatar for a specific challenge .. please contact one of the hosts if you do not wish to have work promoted in this manner.

Members, Moderators & Hosts are to be treated with respect. (so PLAY NICE)

If you have any concerns or questions regarding the guidelines & rules, please post it in our Forum