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New Features ~ 22nd April 2013

Maria  Moro Maria Moro 403 posts

Hello Everyone

A new lot of features have been chosen and they’re now up on display….
This week’s theme is a dedication to our beautiful creatures with wings….big and small….

Congratulations to our very talented members…. these images are superb…

Lacewing butterfly by Stacey Purkiss

Blue Spruce / Bluejay by Gary Fairhead

Flaming Galahs by Dean Cunningham

Bald Eagle Profile by Mark Hughes

Striped buzz……… IV by Bob Daalder

Is it Christmas yet? by larry flewers

Malachite Butterfly by Stacey Purkiss

Green Bottle by larry flewers


Burrowing Owl by Mark Hughes

Isabella’s Longwing Butterfly by Fern Blacker

MALE GOLDFINCH by Sandy Stewart

Polly in Blue © by Mary Campbell

A Bit Of A Flap by Lynne Morris

Chipping Sparrow by Wayne Wood

Gulf Fritillary by Dean Cunningham

Black ladybug in red rose by PhotoTamara

Eastern Bluebird on a Cedar Post by Bill McMullen


Russ Styles Russ Styles 150 posts

Gorgeous images..great choices…

Bob Daalder Bob Daalder 217 posts

what a nice collection!!! I’m proud to be in it… thanks!!

larry flewers larry flewers 124 posts

Thank you so much for 2 features it is an honour to be featured along with these great photographs well done all

Arfan Habib Arfan Habib 215 posts

Gorgeous selection Maria! Congrats to all featured!

PhotoTamara PhotoTamara 39 posts

What a wonderful selection… excellent work everyone !

dgscotland dgscotland 1165 posts

Well put together Maria..those selections really fly! Congratulations to all our talented members.

fernblacker fernblacker 559 posts

Thank you so much for including me here Maria. What a great presentation.
Congrats to all those featured!!

GeorgiaPoetry GeorgiaPoetry 40 posts

Stunning images. Wonderful collection to scroll through. Great job everyone!