Canon Junior

For the non-professional Canon cameras


  • 1953 MG and 1949 Vauxhall Tasmania Show 2010 by PaulWJewell
  • A face only a mother can love by Susan van Zyl
  • Treading Water by AuntDot
  • Winter Wedding by Maggie Lowe
  • Judgment Day - Fryeburg Fair by T.J. Martin
  • _MG_2647 by Shane Molinari
  • Oh Grandma by burnettbirder
  • Nigardsbreen by Dominika Aniola
  • Untitled by teguhhendry
  • Jasmine II by fourthangel
  • Church by Philip Bateman
  • Pauline's Portrait by Maggie Lowe
  • Ain't She Sweet? by AuntDot
  • Untitled by teguhhendry
  • Coffee Jitters by burnettbirder
  • Pearl by Moonen
  • Mt Warner- Utah by Bellavista2
  • Eastbourne Pier by Lydia Griffiths