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Experiment with Sparklers

Ron  Wilson Ron Wilson 47 posts

Last night went out to the park and the kids played with some sparklers
and i played with camera this is the result here is just the best two shots

Any comments are welcome as well

Carl M. Moore Carl M. Moore 56 posts

Way cool pictures! I like how you can see the detail in the pictures. What settings did yo use for these?

Ron  Wilson Ron Wilson 47 posts

i used

F14 @10 – 20 sec
iso 100

tripod and cable release

but the weird part is that my wife was with the sparkler in pic 1
tracing the daughter
but the wife did not show up how cool is that

Lynn Ede Lynn Ede 5 posts

Great fun!

reflector reflector 102 posts

A great photographic experiment, learning experience and results! I like them both.

To experiment with Long Exposure shots indoors, I set up the Camera and Tripod for a 10 second exposure and just walked back and forth in front on the camera for the whole 10 seconds. Parts of me are Opaque, but you can also see right through parts of my legs (20% Opaque, maybe) and see the furniture I walked in front of. Those results have great potential for interesting outdoor or cityscape shots.