Candid Photography ( ONE per day, NO family/friends, NO animals)

Candid Photography is a group for those who love taking candid shots.

How to Define a Candid Photograph. (locked)

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Candid Photography

Candid photography is a genre that may span several sub-genres. In this group, we define Candid Photography in a particular way, and ask that you read and understand our definitions well before both joining and submitting work.

Definitions are often open to interpretation, particularly when it comes to the arts, and therefore we wish to make very clear what kind of imagery is and what is not desired in this group. The definition of the word ‘candid’ is generally considered to be ‘free from reservation’, and ‘impartial’, ‘un-posed’, and ‘informal’. These definitions do not quite fulfil the group’s requirements.

We are looking for photos that are taken of persons going about their daily lives – and are not aware of a camera present. We want to see captures – slices of time – of people without the reservation that naturally comes with photography. The primary subject of the image should be a person or persons. The story emanating from the photo must be dominated by the person/s in the photo – and not ancillary or incidental. This can be in the way of a full candid portrait, or a wider scene – but always with the human subjects as the main focus. We are not after snaps of your family while they are not looking. There is not much challenge in that. Candid photography of strangers can be very challenging – and that is exactly what we are after.

Street vs Candids

‘Street’ photography is similar to ‘Candid’ photography, and it is therefore important to make a distinction. ‘Street’ is often candid – but the story behind the shot does not necessarily need to be a human one. A street scene may include people, yet the story may be one that is carried by other elements. This differential is how we will determine and categorise these two genres. When submitting a photo, ask yourself: What is the primary subject? What makes this photo special? If the answer is a human element and the photo is unplanned, un-posed, unreserved – then you are likely in the right group. If the human element is a side-subject, then you are likely in the wrong group.

Please note – we do not condone the invasion of persons’ privacy in any way. Please check your local laws on the subject before photographing people without their explicit consent. In many countries including Australia, it is within your legal right to photograph anyone at all, providing you are doing so from a publicly owned area, and that the subject is not making any reasonable attempt at privacy. Legalities aside – use discretion when taking candid photos. Some people like being photographed, and others hate it. There are plenty of subjects – respect people.

Finally – as hosts of this group, we will need to make judgment calls on what is suitable for our galleries. There will be times when we will disagree with your opinion – this is natural. We are impartial. If your photo seems to us to be not strictly a candid shot, then we may reject it. You are welcome to appeal the decision but of course, our judgment will be the final word.